So, I finished the first draft.

A few days ago I wrapped up my first draft of Thief of Souls at about 89,000 words. When I started this endeavor I had no real idea of how long it would take me to get this far, but I’m beginning to realize how much longer it’s going to be before I have a manuscript I’d be OK with starting to shop around.

It’s been eleven months since last September when I finished my outline – most of which even made it to the page – and a little quick math puts me at a pace of about 8090 words a month, or about 270 words a day. Granted, I certainly didn’t write every day. I don’t know what I think of those numbers, other than that while carrying three kids and a fiance and a full time job it’s a bit of a miracle that I finished anything.

So, once I finished my first draft I set it aside – as you do – to let my brain work on other stuff for a little while. I’ve got quite a bit of world building that I know needs to get done in order to flesh out some of the fuzzy sections in my manuscript and to that end I went very literally to building the world of Thief of Souls with maps.

I don’t know that either of these will actually get used in whatever format I eventually publish this thing, be it e-book or traditional ink and paper, but they were fun to put together and forced me to create some specifics for the world I’m writing in.

Rothspar Map sepia Rothspar Map color

I haven’t placed important cities or boundaries yet, but I’ve got them figured out for the most part. I’m sure I’ll have to go back to the text and fix where I reference some places as being; it’s all part of the Frankenstein’s monster of creating something like this.

All that having been said, I’m eager to get into editing. I’ve given the manuscript to my alpha readers with hopes of finding things I hadn’t noticed I’d done so that I’ll have a good barometer for plot and content revision. After that I anticipate another round of editing for the actual prose.

That’s about all the updating I have for now, got to get back to it.




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