Got to spend the time somehow.

So I’ve been waiting patiently while my alpha readers go about their business reading because they have lives and responsibilities beyond being my guinea pigs. This is a fact I understand and respect. In the meantime I’ve puttered with some maps (two of which I posted here for the world to see) and some new cover art mock ups.

I’m not entirely unfamiliar with composition and art in general, but playing with this stuff in the digital realm is an entirely new venture for me. There is a steep learning curve associated with such, at least for me.  But the freedom it gives you to play around and switch things up is very cool and opens all kinds of options you’d have to work much harder to use in traditional painting or drawing.

I’ve got a new map to show off, a localized bit of geography for my world with labels for Greyrock and the other cities mentioned in the text.


I’ve also been playing around with some cover art mock ups.  None of this is terribly likely to see the light of day in a final published version of the book (fingers crossed on that one) but they are some ideas I had. You can see the progression of how I’ve envisioned it.



There’s not really a whole lot else to say at this point, beside that I’m antsy to get back into the prose and start reshaping things.  I could always start on the outline for the next one I suppose… right?


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